2019 Winter Classical Pilates Conference

By Insights Team

The 2019 Power Pilates Winter Classical Pilates Conference was held on December 6-8 in the flagship studio in New York City. The event featured workshops presented by New York area Power Pilates Teacher Trainers, and Pilates Elder Mary Bowen.

The workshops were designed to enhance the teaching expertise of instructors of all levels; and to help clients and Pilates lovers deepen their understanding of Classical Pilates. The presenting teachers were Stephanie West, Jordana Herman, and Daniel Gaouette.

If you'd like more information about any of the workshops that were presented, or would like to have a workshop event at your studio, contact us for more information. For all those in attendance, if you have any questions about earned credits and certificates let us know.

Check out the workshops that were presented and their descriptions here:

Tower Progressions w/ Stephanie West
The focus of this workshop was on the Tower Class format and progressions to develop classes that are safe, effective, and fun.

Special Cases: Mat Class w/ Jordana Herman
This class covered the beginner/intermediate Mat exercises with safe and effective strategies and modifications for clients with special needs.

Real Men Do Pilates w/ Daniel Gaouette
This workshop helped instructors work more effectively with a growing client base, male clients. Common patterns of muscular imbalance and weakness among men were addressed.

Mat with Magic Circle and Weights w/ Jordana Herman
In this workshop, students learned and reviewed Magic Circle and free-weight exercises that pair well with the Pilates Mat work.

Super Advanced Cadillac Syllabus w/ Stephanie West
In this workshop students learned and reviewed the exercises that are rarely seen or practiced.

Advanced Mat Class Review (Transitions and Flow) w/ Daniel Gaouette
This dynamic and interactive workshop focused on the classical technique and proper teaching tools for an Advanced Level Mat class.

Have a Ball with Your Mat Class w/ Daniel Gaouette
Students learned how to integrate these useful props into their mat class or to create a Pilates on the Ball class.

Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis w/ Stephanie West
During this workshop we delved into the primary powerhouse. We will discuss the anatomy and kinesiology of the pelvis and the lower back.

Intermediate Reformer Review with Variations w/ Stephanie West
This workshop was ideal for instructors and strong intermediate level clientele who had the chance to review the exercises, transitions and variations of the intermediate reformer.

Art of Touch and Spotting w/ Jordana Herman
This workshop was taught in two parts. First, we practiced touch which is "hands on"; how energy is transferred when touching someone. Second, we explored spotting which is "eyes on," where and how to place yourself in the room and in relation to the client when utilizing touch.

How To Teach a Client with Osteoporosis w/ Jordana Herman
In this workshop, the students learned how to create and develop a workout with simple exercises for special case clients with osteoporosis or for healthy elderly clients.

Pilates for Athletes w/ Daniel Gaouette
This workshop looked at how to integrate specific Pilates exercise - using the Reformer, Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair, and some small apparatus - to benefit athletes, and to prevent common injuries

How Joe Taught It: Teachings and Reflections from the Original Studio w/ Mary Bowen
An inside look at the real Joseph Pilates. In this workshop we discussed the beginning of the journey, and the responsibility of every Pilates instructor and practitioner.

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