2020 Power Pilates Virtual Conference

By Insights Team

The 2020 Power Pilates Spring Classical Pilates Conference and Enhancement brought together many of the finest Classical educators in the industry. This event proved that the unprecedented challenges we have been facing are no barrier to the Power Pilates community. Pilates lovers from all over the world attended this unique event.

The 5-day event addressed the changes in the way Pilates is now being taught because of the coronavirus and featured scores of workshops designed to enhance the teaching expertise of instructors of all levels; and to help clients and Pilates lovers deepen their understanding of Classical Pilates.

This sold-out conference featured a host of Teacher Trainers, and many never before presented workshops and workouts. The presenting teachers were: Anmarie Touloumis, Alexis Dugdale, Julie Hegge Cordier, Amie Cunha, Daniel Gaouette, Andree Khalaf, Stephanie West, Cheryl Turnquist, Bethanie Buckingham, and Jordana Herman.

If you would like more information about any of the workshops that were presented, or would like to have a workshop event at your studio, contact us for more information. For all those in attendance, if you have any questions about the credits and certificates that you earned please let us know.

Check out the workshops that made this event so successful:

Assessing Progressions w/ Alexis Dugdale
Power Pilates believes in a classical approach to teaching, in a movement based, systematic, integrative style. Attendees looked at how to teach in a flowing style, with appropriate corrections at the appropriate times to transform their bodies and rid them of compensatory weaknesses.

Spine Corrector Challenge w/ Julie Hegge Cordier
The Spine Corrector is that often-forgotten and hardly-ever-used piece of apparatus that spends most of its days sitting on the floor under the Cadillac. Julie led attendees in a mat-based workout using classical Spine Corrector exercises you know and love, and added more creative exercises borrowing from the Reformer.

Wunda Chair Progressions w/ Amie Cunha
During this workshop attendees learned progressions for the Wunda Chair that can be utilized during an Intermediate or Advanced session. The progressions that were taught are based on the "individual needs" of the client.

Beginner Mat Class Review w/ Daniel Gaouette
This workshop focused on reviewing the Beginner Mat exercises and variations. Daniel worked with attendees on drills, giving them more tools to increase their expertise with the Beginner Mat. They also looked at how to begin layering in Intermediate Mat exercises.

Foam Roller Workshop w/ Amie Cunha
This workshop instructed attendees on how to utilize the Foam Roller in a mat class to challenge clients flexibility and stability.

Barrel Progressions w/ Andree Khalaf
Joseph Pilates created a beautiful progression on a piece of equipment that is overlooked too often: the Barrel. He created the Barrels to gradually open two very restricted areas of our body: the hips and the shoulders. Andree walked attendees through this progression from Small Barrel up to the Ladder Barrel in making it easier to incorporate the Barrels into almost every workout!

Teaching Online and Remote Classes w/ Stephanie West
The coronavirus has changed the way we teach our pilates clients - ready or not, studios are now online. Attendees learned how to plan and safely teach mat and private sessions online from a Power Pilates Teacher Trainer experienced in remote teaching. Where you can teach, what technology is needed, how you keep clients engaged from a distance, are some of the key topics covered.

Advanced Mat Class Review (Transitions and Flow) w/ Cheryl Turnquist
This workshop took attendees through the classical technique and proper teaching tools for an Advanced Level Mat class. Attendees refined their knowledge of the exercises, developed new and more efficient cues, and learned how to take their clients to the next level with efficient flow and transitions from one exercise to the next.

Special Cases: Mat Class w/ Cheryl Turnquist
Nobody's perfect, right? Right! This class covered the beginner/intermediate mat exercises with safe and effective strategies and modifications for clients with special needs. Specific modifications were reviewed for low back pain, knee injuries, shoulder pain, neck issues, osteoporosis and pregnancy.

Jumpboard w/ Bethanie Buckingham
This was more than the ordinary challenge! In this workshop attendees learned the Jumpboard exercises suited for advanced clientele to be able to offer an element of cardio with another challenge for the Powerhouse.

Magic Circle Madness (Mat Only) w/ Stephanie West
This workshop focused on Joseph Pilates' Magic Circle and how to incorporate it into his traditional mat workouts at every level. Attendees learned new ways of utilizing the Magic Circle while increasing efficient, flowing movement.

Reformer on the Mat w/ Jordana Herman
This workshop reviewed the Reformer order, exercise details and their application to the mat. No springs, no straps, just you and gravity. The breakdown of the Setup/Action/Precision of the exercises help achieve greater clarity and will add depth to the cueing.

Intermediate Cadillac (Flow Through Cadillac) w/ Stephanie West
Learn how to custom design a challenging and enjoyable Cadillac routine incorporating key elements and principles of a Power Pilates session.

Arm/Baby Chair Basics w/ Stephanie West
The Baby Chair, also known as the Arm Chair can pack a powerful punch. Don't let the name deceive you! In this workshop attendees learned some of the basic exercises of this underused and less familiar apparatus.

Intermediate Mat Class Review w/ Daniel Gaouette
This workshop focused on reviewing the Intermediate Mat exercises and variations. Attendees learn how to challenge an intermediate student by utilizing intermediate and some advanced level exercises.

Tower Progressions w/ Jordana Herman
This workshop focused on the Tower Class format and progressions, ensuring classes are safe, effective, and fun! Jordana gave attendees the opportunity to learn/play with creative ways to organize progressions while maintaining the flow of the workout.

Advanced Reformer Review with Transitions and Variations w/ Jordana Herman
The Reformer is the backbone of the Pilates method; it is the most widely utilized apparatus. The advanced workout is both challenging and inspiring and offers many variations of the traditional exercises that are often "left in the closet." During this workshop the super advanced exercises were reviewed, including many archival exercises not often seen or used.

Challenge and Support: How to Teach an Open Level Mat Class w/ Daniel Gaouette
In this workshop attendees explored the teaching tools and teaching formulas best utilized when teaching an Open Level Mat Class.

How to Format a One Hour Wunda Chair Session w/ Jordana Herman
During this workshop attendees learned the methodology behind creating a full session on the Wunda Chair.

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