Andree Khalaf

New Orleans
Andree Khalaf is a graduate of Charity Hospital School of Nursing in New Orleans, Louisiana. Following years of nursing, working in the operating room, recovery room, emergency room, and labor and delivery, she began working as a medical sales consultant and physician's liaison for a national perinatal company. She began Pilates classes to heal a hip injury sustained after delivering her fourth child. It was then that she realized the incredible benefits of Pilates. The movement healed what medication only masked. Andree entered the Power Pilates certification program, which required 600 hours of training and apprenticeship under the mentorship of Veronica Combs, Director of Power Pilates training center in Dallas, Texas. She became fully certified in 2006 and most recently became a Power Pilates Teacher Trainer, allowing her to teach the new Pilates generation around the globe. Andree is the founder and visionary of The Pilates and Yoga Loft in Old Metairie, Louisiana. The studio began as a way to fulfill Andree’s desire to educate area residents on the advantages of training in the classical Pilates method. A system which unveils the client’s weaknesses through movement, therefore, progressing only when the client’s body is ready. Finding passion through all movement, Andree has been able to develop an environment that focuses on holistic health. Having a space that is able to aid in the transformation of mind, body, and spirit is a dream. Classical Pilates, Yoga, and Adaptive Resistance Exercise are daily offerings and she also collaborates with other holistic healers to provide the best plan of care. Andree is an advocate on proper nutrition, exercise, and prevention of illnesses through movement. Movement is necessary to heal the body from the inside out and is an essential step towards building the mind-body connection.

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