Ayca Anil

Ayca Anil is a Professional Ballerina, Dance, Ballet, Pilates, Yoga and Barre Fitness Instructor. After graduating from Kent University with a First Class BA Hons Degree on Professional Dance and Performance, she started performing at Northern Ballet Company in the UK and became the first professional Turkish ballerina. Her interest for health and fitness started from a young age when she was training to become a ballerina. Besides dancing, her biggest passion in life is undoubtedly Yoga. She has been joining Yoga and Meditation classes and workshops since she was 11. After experiencing the life changing benefits of Yoga and Pilates her whole life, she decided to become a teacher and help other people transform their bodies and their lives. Currently she is teaching Barre Fitness, Yoga, Ballet, Yoga Dance Flows and Barre Pilates in Istanbul. She enjoys guiding others to connect with their bodies to reach the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. Ayca enjoys combining different styles in her classes and always tells people to approach their body with compassion and appreciation while pushing their limits.


920 3RD AVE, 6TH FL. NYC 10022