Monica Taylor

Monica Taylor lives in Cairo, Egypt but she is a native of Oaxaca, Mexico and loves movement and fitness. In 2001 she moved to Chicago, Illinois to continue her studies where she graduated with a MA in Intercultural Studies. It was in Chicago where she took her first Pilates class as a recommendation from a friend who suggested Pilates as a way to relieve her chronic back pain. She was hooked from that first lesson. That led her to complete her first certification in contemporary Pilates. However, when she moved to New Orleans, LA she was introduced to Classical Pilates at Uncle Joe's Pilates Studio. In 2016 she completed her classical Pilates certification through Power Pilates under Julie Cordier's mentorship in Cincinnati, OH. Simultaneously, she worked at Core Fluency, a classical studio located in Louisville, KY until she moved overseas where she is teaching clients online. Monica is also studying Arabic and is fluent in Spanish and English. In her free-time she enjoys visiting historic sites in Egypt and the Middle East.


920 3RD AVE, 6TH FL. NYC 10022