Sarah Popkowski

New York City
Sarah's fascination with movement began at the age of 3 when she started taking ballet classes. She continued to dance until the age of 16. This acted as a very valuable foundation for every other style of movement she would go on to learn. In her teens Sarah became interested in yoga and Pilates and tried everything from modern to classical, Hatha, Vinyasa and everything in between. Throughout her 20’s, Sarah has been working in hospitality and loves that she can apply what she knows about all of these different types of movement styles to her work and also being able to use what she knows about people and body language from hospitality to help her become a better instructor. In the last year Sarah has become committed to expanding her knowledge of Pilates and is enrolled in the 600 hour comprehensive program with Power. Sarah is thrilled to now be able to teach and pass on what she knows to others.


920 3RD AVE, 6TH FL. NYC 10022