Dig Deep

Classical Modifications and Variations for Mat Exercises


Teaching Mat class is boring right? Wrong!

Join Power Pilates Teacher Trainer Stephanie West for the first-ever live webinar tackling this topic!

Your questions will be answered live as the workshop unfolds! We're covering everything from exercise modifications, ideal setups, variations and beyond!

Some additional questions that we'll be covering include:
Can I get creative and still be Classical?
How do I challenge multiple levels simultaneously?
How can I delicately handle the weaker individuals in my class?
What's the difference between a modification and a variation?
How do I use props to make exercises easier?
What are some creative ways to use the space effectively?
How do I make sure that my more advanced clients aren't bored?

So get ready to Dig Deep with us and bring questions you've never had the chance to ask in an in-person workshop.