Pilates 101

Getting those brand new clients off the ground and running!


I know I'm supposed to be more hands on with the beginner, but I'm not sure I know what the best, most comfortable spots are for new students.

Join Power Pilates Teacher Trainer Cheryl Turnquist for our next live webinar tackling this topic!

Your questions will be answered live as the workshop unfolds! We're covering everything from exercise modifications, ideal setups, variations and beyond!

Some additional questions that we'll be covering include:
How do I handle the newcomer to my studio that says they have prior experience but not with me?
How do I handle an open level mat class when a brand new person with some physical issues comes in?
What do I do when the Beginner System is still too challenging?
Should I always start with mat or are there times when I should start with reformer?
Is it best to do a closed group for Beginner mat? Or should I just let beginners join my open classes?