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Power Pilates Pilates Transforms students into teachers and teachers into leaders. The Power Pilates curriculum provides the highest quality education within the industry.


Delicious Detox: Healthy Snacks
We all need some extra fuel after a workout, and those extra energy needs can lead to a big unhealthy snack attack of whatever is closest when it hits! Learn about snacks that will restore your energy while making your taste buds happy. Recipes and samples will be provided - we've got your post-workout snack covered! Open Mat class to follow.


Delicious Detox: Healing Inflammation
Inflammation is the body's way of telling us something is wrong, and it's also the cause of every major chronic disease (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more). Learn ways of quelling inflammation naturally - we'll look at underlying issues and talk about delicious healing foods. Recipes and samples will be provided. Open Mat class to follow.


Delicious Detox: Inside Out Gut
A healthy gut absorbs nutrients and keeps out toxins and allergens - it's central to vibrant health! Our busy lives and the hectic world we live in can easily throw our digestive systems off-balance and make us more susceptible to disease. Learn about the functions of your gut and ways to help it flourish through food! Recipes and samples will be provided. Open Mat class to follow.