Rick Mbiad

Los Angeles
Prior to COVID, Rick was teaching Pilates in Boston but now resides in CA and OR while teaching Pilates remotely at Nike HQ Athletic Center and on Power Pilates LIVE. Originally from San Diego, Rick holds his BA degrees from the University of California, Irvine and MA degrees from UCLA and the University of Chicago. Rick is formally a high school and adult-school teacher for many years in the US and South America before falling in love with Pilates. He found that Pilates has really helped manage challenging health issues both mentally and physically and is a true believer in the genius behind the power of the classical method to rehabilitate. Rick completed the Comprehensive Power Pilates training program working under Cheryl Turnquist. “I love the fact that classical Pilates can be taught to anyone no matter their age, gender or background. It truly amazes me when I am able to work with a 90yr grandfather and a 20yr ballet dancer both practicing these timeless exercises and seeing equally transformative results. This is why I am so excited to be a Pilates teacher for many years to come. Look forward to seeing you in class soon!”


920 3RD AVE, 6TH FL. NYC 10022