Pilates Center of Pittsburgh

1665 Washington Rd
Pittsburgh, PA

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The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh was founded in 2006 by Lesley Davenport. We are committed to serving the greater Pittsburgh area with a cutting edge Pilates program that marries the wisdom and power of classical Pilates with the art of teaching. At the Pilates Center of Pittsburgh our method is simple. We believe that Pilates is a conduit for personal empowerment. We serve others by giving accurate information to our clients about their bodies and teach how to use them with clarity and confidence. It is our experience that through doing Pilates regularly you can dramatically improve the way your body feels and works. We pride ourselves on making Pilates very personal. Your goals and body are unique. We maintain an atmosphere and staff that helps you achieve those goals. We are mindful of process while being results oriented. If you desire to improve your golf game, dancing, posture, muscle tone, or you just want to feel better, read on to get started!

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Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm Sat & Sun - 8am-2pm


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