What is a Pilates Tower?

Most of the exercises performed on the Cadillac can be performed on the Tower. Many take advantage of the padded raised mat to teach Mat classes. The foot strap is helpful for Beginners to stabilize their hips. Moon boxes can line up the feet for exercises like
Saw. They can also be used to sit on raising the hips for individuals with tight hamstrings. Many modern Pilates apparatus combine Reformer and Tower units. Some use TRX straps with their Towers.

The Wall Units, (Tower) is actually the Cadillac, minus the surrounding frame and trapeze, with all the springs and components placed at one end connected to a wall.

The Wall Unit was designed to save space and allow for multiple units. The design originated at the dance department at SUNY Purchase, and was combined with Mr. Pilates design for a “door frame gym” at home.

A Guillotine Tower attaches to the ceiling the mat lies centered between the unit and springs and fuzzy straps hang form a pole.

A Spring Wall, a wall attachment with straps and springs incorporates some of the exercises of the Tower unit without the padded Mat, or Push Through bar.

A Tower class should follow the horizontal to vertical progression. Typically beginning with a Mat warm-up, then introduce the apparatus pieces and springs, working “tower or Cadillac” exercises from horizontal to vertical to finish class.

A Tower class is appropriate for a strong beginner to intermediate client, with a connection to the primary powerhouse and ready to work on secondary powerhouse. They should also be somewhat familiar with the Cadillac/Tower exercises.

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