What is a Pilates Beginner Workout?

All students, regardless of their strength or flexibility, start with the Beginner System. Joseph Pilates didn't have a Beginner System, but he did teach specific exercises as the foundation.

Romana, one of his students, changed the order of exercises to make the progression more logical and improve flow and support to the body while using the foundation exercises. As Joe says, "You are only as old as your spine is flexible". Since gravity works against the spine while standing upright, it was Joe's genius to have students start with exercises lying down.

The student is introduced to the basic concepts of the method. At the Beginner level, a session starts lying down on the Mat performing the Hundred, progresses to the Reformer, then the third section called "Individual needs" which at the Beginner level, includes the Cadillac and High Chair followed by "Endings", which at the Beginner level, includes exercises standing utilizing a wall for support.

The Beginner exercises also introduce the client to the Pilates system. As the client becomes stronger they will continue to perform the Beginner exercises but in a more challenging way, as the teacher slowly adds additional exercises.

A beginner workout at one studio may differ from a beginner workout at another studio depending on where the teachers received their training and how much they follow it. If new to Pilates or trying a different studio take a private session for personalized attention. Private sessions are also good for someone recovering from an injury.

Consistent practice will leave the client feeling rejuvenated and energized as they walk out of the session.

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