Can you perform Pilates anytime?

While most people don't have access to Pilates apparatus at their homes, they can utilize it at any Classical Pilates studio. The Pilates Mat exercises can be performed in a studio, at home, in the park or at a beach. You will notice an improvement in your posture and a connection to your core following a session. The more you do Pilates, the easier it will be to recognize when you are slouching.

Can you perform Pilates Anytime?

That is up to the individual. Start your day before work with Pilates or end your day before bed with Pilates. Follow along with an online video Mat class or take classes at a studio. Private, Duet, or Semi Private sessions are best to learn the exercises, apparatus, and build up your strength. Schedule a session on a lunch break, get a friend to join you so you are accountable to showing up and making time to feel good. A physical therapist may recommend Pilates to their patients and put them on a specific schedule. Professional athletes practice Pilates on the off season or to recover from injuries. Actors and models are often photographed by the paparazzi leaving Pilates classes showing off their abs. Scroll through you instagram feed and you may see a selfie of someone with a caption noting they are doing Pilates in a random place. The pose may show flexibility, balance, and strength but may have nothing to do with Pilates. Anytime...? You can engage your core anytime after practicing Pilates regularly. But can you do Pilates anytime? That depends on you.

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