What Are The Big Five Pilates Apparatus?

By Insights Team

Imagine. Your Next Personal Challenge. Conquering... 5 Classic Machines.

First - The Mat
Simple it seems. But ever so challenging.
Here, you achieve your ideal... in form. in strength, with elegance crafting your perfect you.

Click here to learn about The Reformer
The world's essential strengthening, lengthening, lean machine.
Become stronger, more slender... transformed.
Concentrate. Take control.

Click here to learn about The Wunda Chair
Not just any chair.
Simply the most versatile chair ever invented.
Push. Pull. Snake. Twist.
Your Core. One word: Wundaful.

Click here to learn about The Ladder Barrel
Time to stretch. Really stretch.
Discover Gravity...
While you take stretching to to a whole new level.
Get Aligned.

Click here to learn about The Cadillac.
The ultimate fitness machine.
Take a Breathe.
Grasp the parallel bars and perform the candlestick!

This is fitness elevated.
The Big 5. Experience them the classical way at Power Pilates.

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