Virtual Reformer II Registration

November 4-5, 2023 - New York

Virtual Reformer II Registration

November 4-5, 2023

Power Pilates LIVE
Virtual Training
New York, NY

During the Virtual Reformer II weekend, you will learn classical intermediate level reformer exercises, including where to add them within the sequence of the beginner level reformer class, and continue to work on your teaching skills. Students will begin to grasp the importance of progressing clients to ascending levels of movement, and explore how to approach instruction for clients in groups who have limiting physical conditions. Completing the Reformer II weekend expands the range of clients you can work with and strengthens your teaching ability.

Virtual Reformer II attendees must have access to a reformer for this course. Reformers are available in classical and contemporary designs. Our curriculum requires your reformer to have a foot bar, moveable carriage, shoulder pads along with the box and pole accessories.

If you would like to attend this certification in-person, please click here:
In-Person Reformer II Certification

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Pilates Live

November 4-5, 2023

Saturday 12:00pm-8:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm

Reformer II w/ Meaghan Maxwell
Prerequisites: Complete Power Pilates Core Mat II, Reformer I, Apparatus I, or Comprehensive training program.


Pilates TeacherMeaghhan Maxwell

A lifelong dancer, Meaghan was first introduced to Pilates at a young age as a complement to her dance training. During college she began practicing Pilates more intensely, and found that many of her existing injuries and imbalances improved greatly. The more she learned about the method the more she was convinced of its merits, and she knew then that she wanted Pilates to be part of her career. After receiving a BFA in Dance from The Ohio State University, she moved to New York in 2008. In addition to teaching dance classes, Meaghan completed her comprehensive certification at Power Pilates, where she has been teaching since. Meaghan loves to work with a wide range of clients, and loves seeing how the Pilates method helps every person in a unique way, giving them each what they need. In 2020, Meaghan became a Teacher Trainer with Power Pilates, and is excited to share the art of teaching with people all over the world.


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Cancellations: If you withdraw from any program(s) you will automatically lose $150.00 processing fee. No refunds are issued for any reason. Students who choose to transfer programs or not to complete the training are still responsible for full payment of the course.



November 4-5, 2023

Saturday 12:00pm-8:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm

Reformer II w/ Meaghan Maxwell at Pilates Live

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