How to get Certified in Pilates?

So you've decided you want to become a Pilates teacher - that's great! Getting Certified to teach Pilates is a significant investment in terms of time and money, so it's worth taking your time to find the best program for you. Ask your favorite Pilates teachers where they got certified and what they liked and disliked about their education. You'll want to look for a program that includes Mat and Apparatus teacher training for Beginner to Advanced clients in your preferred style - Contemporary or Classical. Look over the curriculum and make sure it includes the tools you'll need to succeed, such as teaching strategies, adaptations for special cases, and anatomy. Good programs include lots of hands on time as an apprentice, where you'll get the opportunity to observe experienced teachers and practice teaching yourself.

A Comprehensive Apparatus certification may include 600 hours of weekend intensives, apprenticeship, required sessions, and more. Make sure you understand all the costs of the program, such as required semi-private sessions or reading material you need to purchase, before registering. Remember that this is an investment in your career. The cheapest option might be cheap for a reason. Most programs offer payment plans to help you distribute your payments more evenly. Once you've decided on a program, register well in advance of your start date so you can get to work on prerequisites such as required reading, Anatomy courses, and private or semi-private sessions.

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